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A Chance to Give Back


Haleema Welfare Clinic (Hospital) Dhoke Mian Abdul Wahab District Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Noor & Adele Mirza

20040 N Flamenco Street

Maricopa Arizona 85138


If you save a life as if you have saved the whole mankind

Haleema Welfare Clinic (Hospital) Dhoke Mian Abdul Wahab in Pakistan's mission has been to reduce infant mortality rate and provide care for pregnant women in this remote area. A birthing station was opened and staffed with 24 hours availability in the village. Since its inception we have opened up two more sites one in Dhoke Panah and the other in the main village. Haleema Welfare Clinic provides free medical and mental health treatment to the communities in this area. 

Healthy result of maternal care at HWC.jpg


Adele Mirza after a visit to our village decided to help women and children with health care. Also empower the communities to take control of their health problems. So our mother Late Haleema Asghar Mirza laid the foundation of the clinic in 2005. we were able to send three girls from the village to Lahore in a medical school for 18 months training. All are helping people in different places.Dr. Raja Tariq Mahmood from our area a great humanitarian offered his free services to treat the patients at Haleema Welfare Hospital in Dhoke Mian Abdul Wahab and recently our new clinic at Dhoke Panah area.


Haleema Welfare Clinic Inc. (EIN 75_3186227 ) is not for profit organization registered under section 501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the United States. All the contributions to this organization are tax deductible under section 170 of the code. 
Please send contributions to
Ahmed Mirza MD
720 E. Bridle Way
Gilbert Arizona 85295
Thanks from
Noor & Adele Mirza
20040 N Flamenco ST
Maricopa Az 85138

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